Washing Your Car by Hand

After a recent shocking rainfall that poured over the Atlantic coast, flooding makes some car owners its victims. Many people across the affected areas, including drivers, have driven through high water that may have caused…

Six Ways You Could be Killing Your Car

It is absolutely certain, that depending on how well you treat the cleaning and the maintenance of your vehicle, it either hates you or love you, figuratively speaking. The following list highlights six things that many drivers do that effectively…

“Wash Me” Writings on a Car

Anyone can tell, that someone writing “Wash Me” on your dusty car’s surface means just that – it is really dirty and needs some water therapy. But even if your car hasn’t reached that stage of dirty yet, a meticulous cleaning of the inside and…

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AutoClean, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (in 140 characters or less).

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So, here are all the essential steps, taking which will guarantee a fresh and a spruced up look for your vehicle: 1 Make sure that before you start, that car is not exposed to any direct sunlight. This will cut the premature drying short which can make car’s paint cover with splotches. 2 Do a […]