April is National Car Care Month: Time to Make Auto Care a Top Priority

As the research conducted by one of the big American automotive brands reveals – more than eighty percent of all cars are not getting proper maintenance, leave washing and cleaning alone. The frightening thing about these high numbers is that when so many cars are being neglected by their owners, nationwide, some new car-maintenance culture needs to be established.

Sensible Steps to Help Keep Your Car Longer

Thanks to the Great Recession, a lower percentage of Americans have been trading old cars for new ones, each year since. The fact that people are keeping their vehicles longer than before is alarming. As the average age of a car on the road today is estimated to be around 11 years. With that in mind and with the cost of a new car being about $31,000 on average, deciding to keep your car…

Car Care: Winter Maintenance Check

While enjoying a winterish snowing season is fun for some, many drivers fear that season’s treacherous driving conditions. Being car care aware will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for any harsh winter weather that it might get into while on the road, says auto expert Clara Watkins. “Many drivers ignore the basic auto care this time of year, even with the dangers of…

Car Washing with Kids

What should be your criteria for choosing which type of oil you’re using in your car? Because the conventional wisdom is that synthetic oil is much more efficient for driving your car.

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AutoClean, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (in 140 characters or less).

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So, here are all the essential steps, taking which will guarantee a fresh and a spruced up look for your vehicle: 1 Make sure that before you start, that car is not exposed to any direct sunlight. This will cut the premature drying short which can make car’s paint cover with splotches. 2 Do a […]